In the summer of 2014 Newcastle Upon Tyne based vet, Janey Lowes, took a holiday in Sri Lanka. This quickly became work focussed. Disturbed at the plight of the island’s many street dogs she set up WECare Worldwide: the charity dedicated to improving the lot of Sri Lankan street dogs that would otherwise die young and horribly.

Janey Lowes with pup. Sixty percent of Sri Lankan street dogs die before reaching one year. WECare Worldwide is working hard to reduce this.

Many dogs found in the most appalling health have been made well and happy. Please see www.wecareworldwide.org.uk for case histories.

Janey has worked extremely hard for long periods with no income. Her rewards are of professional and emotional satisfaction.

A lifelong dog lover and author of The Winston Tail novels Barry Stone heard about Janey from a BBC friend who had recently filmed her and WECare Worldwide at work. Click here to view film.

Barry Stone makes what donations he can afford to WECare Worldwide.

Barry Stone is a lifelong dog lover. The collie cross rescue mutt who is lead narrator of his Winston Tail novels is based on Brucie: the mighty rescue dog that Barry’s family adopted over thirty years ago. Bonzo, the beautiful black lab seen here, is his treasured dog today. Barry Stone’s close friends say that he is part dog. He happily agrees. x

All donations to WECare Worldwide will be spent on Sri Lankan street dogs.

The street dogs of Sri Lanka are often in a terrible state. Janey and her colleagues are not daunted. This lucky dog was healed and homed by WECare Worldwide.

Hey, thanks for helping me. x

Who needs four legs to stand on  anyway? Thanks to WECare Worldwide, I’m doing fine. x


www.wecareworldwide.org.uk (UK registered charity: 11623861).

All donations through Barry Stone’s account will be audited by Barry’s accountant of thirty years, Lynn Bennett. www.moorebennett.co.uk

‘The big dream for WECare is to help form a world where no animal, owned or unowned, goes without veterinary care and by working alongside passionate, fellow big-dreamers like Barry, we hope to make this a reality sooner rather than later.’ Janey Lowes: WECare Worldwide.