The Grand Launch of the second Winston Tail, Winston and the Canny Lass, took place at St Nicholas’s Cathedral, Newcastle on May 7th 2014. The two-hundred strong audience was made up of people of all ages and backgrounds. Many had read Barking at Winston and were eager for its sequel, which may also be read as a standalone ‘tail’. Both books are widely available on line and at booksellers throughout the UK.

First published by Zircon Press in 2010, Barking at Winston was relaunched by Constable in 2011: please click to see reader reviews
Winston and the Canny Lass was published by Berry Press in 2014 and Barry is nearing completion of the second of his four planned UK-wide Winston Tail signing programmes. Click here to see reader reviews

The third Winston Tail, Winston Sees All, is a longer, deeper version of Barking at Winston. It will be published in 2019.

Barking at Winston

… battered and worse for wear, the family home, like the people who inhabit it, is scarred not so much by sudden cruelty, as by the friction of habitual occurrence. The relationship between father and son may be painful, but its truthfulness lies in the oppressive intensity of everyday encounters. Bruce the family dog observes and narrates. With his vast stock of general knowledge and colourful vocabulary, Bruce is no ordinary dog, although, from Jack London’s Call of the Wild to Matt Haig’s The Last Family In England, he’s one in a long line of literary dogs with tales to tell. Intuitive rather than logical, dogs have a way of reading human hearts and minds. Alert to the savagery that lies beneath the surface of domesticity, dogs unnerve as much as they entertain and reassure.

Darkly funny, unsettlingly humdrum, this book does the same.

Pauline Hadaway.

“Putting the fun back in dysfunctional!”

The Winston Tails, books one and two – suitable for all readers aged 16 to 160!

We first heard about Barking at Winston from Waterstones… What really struck us was the sheer originality of the narrative.

Andreas Campomar, Publishing Director, Constable.

‘Barry Stone achieves the almost impossible: he writes from the point of view of a dog and makes me care about the canine and the people he comes into contact with. My tail’s wagging!’

Ian McMillan, Yorkshire poet, broadcaster & comedian.


Really, really powerful. A poignant tale of love and family life, with all its imperfections, frustrations, sadness and humour. Full of memorable characters with a heart warming feel-good end. Somebody should make this book into a film

Richard W. Hardwick.