StarFor many years Barry has worked with schools, colleges and universities. A long term member of the National Association Of Writers In Education, in late 2010 and early 2012 his teaching on behalf of the North East Centre For Lifelong Learning (Sunderland University) was commended for providing Best Practice.

I commend as a case of best practice Barry Stone’s tuition of this group for the supportive environment which he has created, which has given students the confidence to express themselves both creatively and in critical review, and for his ability to manage the process of group critique, knowing when to say nothing, and how to steer discussion with a light touch.

Colm O’Brien, North East Centre For Lifelong Learning.

This was by far the most entertaining class I have ever
visited. The students had an excellent rapport with the tutor
and with each other, and were welcoming to a visitor. Every
student read from his/her work and the standard was excellent. Each student’s work showed a particular voice and style and they had all obviously put a lot of effort into developing their work, rewriting and deciding where to focus attention. They evidently valued the tutor’s work, expertise and advice, but they were also respectful and supportive towards each other. The tutor had put in a great deal of time, care and attention to the class, and it showed.

Overall assessment – Best Practice.
Dr Bronwen Calvert, North East Centre For Lifelong Learning February 2012.

Prudhoe Community High School, student feedback, spring 2014:

‘It’s good to get somebody into school who is real and Barry was real.’

‘I thought I had nothing to write about because I don’t do anything, then he said if it was important to me, it was a valid thing to write about.’

‘I really wanted to write about a ‘first time’ experience, but I was a bit scared, then he told me my opening line was good, so I just went for it and it turned into something I was well proud of.’

‘I told him I wanted to write about when I went to the match and got drunk and was sick in my shoes and he said go for it. You really can write about anything.’

In the summer of 2014 Barry led creative writing workshops for children aged five to eleven –

‘Thank you Barry, the workshops felt natural and inclusive of all. The feedback has been excellent!’

Jill Chambers, Spellbound Writing Project Coordinator, Northumberland Arts Development.