Barry Stone

Barry is the author of the rescue-dog themed novels Barking at Winston and Winston and the Canny Lass which have sold in their thousands. The next ‘tail’, Winston Sees All, will be launched in partnership with WH Smith at Newcastle, York and London: 2019.

Barry is currently on a UK-wide signing programme of Winston and the Canny Lass. The complete Winston tails will explore fifteen years of Brucie the wily rescue dog’s life with his loving and often wayward humans. The tails are playful yet serious at heart and are for all readers aged sixteen up.

It is not essential to read Barking at Winston before Winston and the Canny Lass. They may be read in either order.

Winston and the Canny Lass is now on Audible.  Please see end page for free sample and details.

Read an interview with Barry on the Bradford Review website

‘Barry Stone achieves the impossible. He writes from the point of view of a dog and makes me care about the canine and the people he comes into contact with.’

Ian McMillan – Barking at Winston.

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***** Review by actor Valerie McLane on

A fascinating journey into the lives of an extraordinary family and their faithful dog. Winston is a statue and The Canny Lass is a Steam Roller. Told primarily through the voices of a child and a dog..the story seems amazingly real and catches you unawares with a moving account of the effects on war veterans and their families. From the eccentric mother to the engaged daughter, they captured my imagination and I couldn’t wait to find out if their problems were resolved. An engaging story told with wit and sensitivity.

Winston and the Canny Lass

Really, really powerful. A poignant tale of love and family life, with all its imperfections, frustrations, sadness and humour. Full of memorable characters with a heart warming feel-good end. Somebody should make this book into a film

Richard W. Hardwick.

I’ve followed Barry Stone’s work for over twenty years. It’s as rich with the unexpected as it is easily readable. I jumped at the opportunity to publish Winston and the Canny Lass

Mike Wallington. Documentary film maker and publisher. Berry Press. London.

‘We were at a dinner party hosted by a mutual friend and he asked if I would illustrate the cover. Given the success of Barking at Winston I was more than happy to oblige’

David Haldane. Times cartoonist

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